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Experts in Coffee “Master of Quality”

ExportPro, General Manager Mr. Jovany Zuluaga with over 15 years experience as a coffee master expert from organic fertilizers used in the coffee growing process as well as coffee selection, roasting, tasting and qualifications of export quality. 


The ExportPro communication process has proven successful by working with diverse stakeholder groups to collaborate and communicate the benefits of using Organic fertilizers and methods of best practices that best benefits the earth.


The ExportPro communication process works very close with local coffee Cooperative in each Latin American county that helps benefit the small and midsize farmer and product producer.

Where We Operate


EXPORTPRO S.A.S. is a company that was created to offer its experience and knowledge in Asian markets in order to facilitate coffee producers access to these international markets.

We assist exporters in the different stages necessary for an adequate export, always adhering to our quality policies in the handling of everything related to the subject. The products that we export will be subject to verification in each process until their packaging and final shipment with the agreed quality and shipment on time.

At the corporate level, we maintain transparence that compromise high levels of quality, technical expertise, honesty and continuous improvement of our processes to satisfy our clients, both internal and external.


Company registered in Colombia, with foreign and local partners, dedicated to facilitating the export of  coffee products to the Asian market, thanks to agreements with companies of excellent reputation.



We are an export consulting company of a wide variety of coffee & agricultural products such as café, sugar, fruits, as well as meats, snacks, handicrafts, among many other products that deserve exposure in the great Asian market.

Our mission is to provide the world’s best coffee and food solutions via superior customer service, innovation, quality, and commitment



We have a wide portfolio of qualified and trusted international buyers, taking advantage of our experience and technical resources to establish productive commercial relationships.



We advise on the necessary procedures, legal advice, documentation, among others, ensuring the best conditions to established and facilitate the continues export of products.


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